After Debt Relief Programs – How To Eliminate All Your Monthly Payments!

Enrolling in a debt relief program may feel like you’ve ended a problem. You know, that problem where you were having trouble making ends meet.

You’ve gotten to the point where paying your bills has become a stressful experience, and needed help to pull things together so you can pay your bills.

But, what you should really be thinking is that, instead of this being the end of a “paying your bills” problem, it’s a new beginning. Let me explain.

Have you noticed that debt-relief companies have stopped promoting their services as a way to become debt free?

Well, that’s because after you’ve finished their program you probably still have car payments, house payments, and maybe other kinds of debt payments.

The truth is that completing a debt relief program doesn’t necessarily mean you’re debt free. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become completely debt free.

Consider thinking of it this way. Beginning your debt relief program is also the beginning of an opportunity to pay off all of your debt. The easiest way to get this across is with a question.

Imagine what your life would be like if you have no credit card payments, no car payment, and even no house payments? No debt payments of any kind!

How would that feel? Well, that is exactly what you could be working towards when you consider your debt relief program as a new beginning with becoming completely debt free in mind.

How you do this is simple.

Once you’ve completed your debt relief program, you simply snowball the payment from your debt relief program into that car payment and pay that car off completely much faster than you would have the traditional way.

This is because a minimum payment is just that, the minimum your creditor will accept. Today most accounts do not have a prepayment penalty.

So, once you’ve completed your debt relief program, you can take that payment – which is probably several hundred dollars – and add that to let’s say your car payment.

This will get your car payment paid off much faster.  When you’ve done that, snowball the former debt relief and car payment on your next debt.

Keep that going until each and every debt is completely paid off. Do this and you’ll own everything instead of owe on everything.

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